Vacancy Requirements
Drupal Full Stack Engineer
2 Available Vacancy

A passionate Drupal Full Stack Engineer to design, test, and implement software applications. Will be involved in all stages and all areas of software development and architecture design, performance evaluation, code review, and internal tool management.




Has a minimum of 1-year experience in Web Application Software Development

B.A. in Computer Engineering, or Computer Science

Able to spot & fix bugs in others’ code

Excellent communication & presentation skills

Strong team player; self-motivated, has a respectful attitude and can work independently with minimal direction

Eager to achieve great goals for himself and the company

Able to meet deadlines



Excellent knowledge of Drupal, PHP, Object-Oriented Programming, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 

Excellent knowledge of S/W algorithms and data structures 

Experience with Laravel, ReactJS, RESTful Web services, Bootstrap 

Management of hosting environment, including database administration and scaling an application to support load changes 

Creating database schemas that represent and support business processes (SQL/NoSQL) 

Eager to learn new technologies and work with them

Knowledge of Git is a plus



Engaged in the full cycle of software development (Requirement Analysis, Design & implementation)

Implement high-quality software following the Design patterns

Implement Software that perfectly follows the approved designs

Collaborate with the QC team to reach software with the desired quality

Building reusable modules that could fit in over one Project/Product