Service Features
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    UX Design & Implementation
  • 2
    Faster Time to Market
  • 3
    Software Architect design & Implementation
  • 4
    Software Quality control & Assurance
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    Production Enhancement & Support
Work Flow
Work Models
Scrum Agile Deliery
MD-labs scum agile delivery mindset, and a process that involves understanding, collaborating, learning, and staying flexible to achieve high-performing results. Combining both, MD-Labs teams can embrace changes and deliver incremental value to their customers.
Hyprid Agile
Plan with Waterfall, execute with Agile, and speed up the entire process. MD-Labs use the hybrid agile method to shorten design, analysis, and planning, but lets customer define project frames including budget and time of delivery.
Design Thinking Process
MD-Labs uses the design thinking process for designing unique software UX that the end-users will love.
Communication Channels
Online meetings & Workshops
Jira Tracking & Reporting System
Instant Group Messaging
Email Communication
Project Monitoring & Reporting
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