Solution Features
  • 1
    Workflow Users Management "Add , edit and archive process actors Add , edit and update actor roles Complete audit trail & 360 degree view"
  • 2
    Complete Process Management "Rapid process modeling and automation In-flight process changes Apply friendly business rules Smart request assignment and routing algorithms Event based case progression Requests documentation and reports Real-time metrics and analytics "
  • 3
    Easy to administrate and maintain "Centralized process data repository. No Technical maintenance required. Comprehensive integration capabilities "
SaaS Subscription
50$ Monthly
  • 100$ Process setup  fees (Up to 3 stages and actors)
  • 50$ per process per month (Quarterly in advance)
  • Up to 10 users
  • Up to 2000 process requests
  • AWS hosting
  • Online training materials
  • Email support
One Time Fees
3000 $
  • 3000 $ one time fees (One business process)
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited number of process requests
  • 50% advanced payment
  • 50% upon deployment
  • On-premise hosting
  • Online training materials
  • 2000$ yearly support
Impowers enterprise productivity.
MD BPT enable you to do more with fewer resources. , Applying digital transformation principles helps your increase its productivity
Reduce Human Error
Whenever there are manual tasks there is a possibility of human error. Automating business process will support reduce human errors and increase efficiency
Faster time of completion.
Speed and agility are very important factors in the success of any business.
Requests moves effortlessly from person-to-person
MD BPT make sure that your managers have complete information to make better and approvals decisions.
Digital approval and review
MD BPT enable smooth process requests information review and approval through a simple unified interface
Process insights and analytics
MD BPT provide analytics capabilities and insights for business users and operations manager to make effective decision with a dashboards for monitoring processes, cases, tasks and people.
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